How to migrate sites

Our theme is using Unyson framework which comes with its own extensions and therefore requires special backup process.

One of extensions is Backup and Demo Content. This allows not just to backup and restore your site on actual site, but also to migrate site from one domain to another. Please follow these simple rules:

1. [new site] install the same version of WordPress on new domain as one you have on the old one
2. [new site] if you used any plugins beside those recommended by theme, please install them, too.
3. [old site] open wp-config.php on your old site and set WP_DEBUG to be true:

define('WP_DEBUG', true);

4. [old site] Before creating a Content Backup for Demo Install use a plugin to remove post revisions. WP Optimize is very good choice.
5. [old site]  go to Tools > Backup
6. [old site] Hit Create Content Backup Now and wait several minutes (it depends on number of media files and number of posts)
7. [old site] Download the latest backup (it will be listed under “Archives” header)
8. [new site] Create folder {theme}/demo-content/{demo-name}/ (where {theme} is theme folder and {demo-name} is desirable name of your demo content) and extract the zip in it.
9. [new site] Create {theme}/demo-content/{demo-name}/manifest.php with the following contents:


if (!defined('FW')) die('Forbidden');
 * @var string $uri Demo directory url

$manifest = array();
$manifest['title'] = __('Awesome Demo', 'fw');
$manifest['screenshot'] = $uri . '/screenshot.png';
$manifest['preview_link'] = '';


Screenshot file must be located in the same folder as manifest.php, while preview link is optional. Demo title can be changed to fit your needs.

10. [new site]  Go to Tools > Demo Content Install menu in the WordPress admin. The demo(s) should be listed on that page.

More information regarding this extension can be found on this URL:

How to control social networks icon areas on the site?

There are two promo areas included in the theme:

  1. header promo line
  2. footer promo line (Campaign only)

To enable header promo line go to Theme Options > Header > Promo and hit Enabled.

To enable icons in the header promo area make sure to set Do you want to show social network icons and/or search form? to be Just Icons. To enable both icons and search box, make sure to set Do you want to show social network icons and/or search form? to be Icons and search. To remove both icons and search and leave nothing but left side of the promo line, just set Do you want to show social network icons and/or search form? to be Hide.

To remove specific icons from the list of icons – i.e. Instagram – go to Theme Options > Social Networks Settings and leave Instagram field completely empty.


Following instructions are only for Campaign:

To enable social media icons in the footer area, go to Campaign Options > Footer and make sure to enable Do you want to show social networks icons in the footer?. In this section of the theme options you will be able to set styling of this footer area, too.

Special Button in Menu


How do I set a menu item to have the attributes of a “Special Button” like the Contribute button in the demo menu? I don’t need it to be an action menu. Just need to add a Donate button in the menu that links directly to the donate page. But I want it to have the stylings of the special button.


Please follow these instructions:

1. navigate to Appearance > Menus > %YOUR_SPECIFIC_MENU%
2. click on the “Screen Options” (top right corner of the admin area) and make sure to check CSS Classes

3. expand appropriate menu item and remove class overlay



– class “overlay” will popup action menu
– class “special” will give specific styling of menu item (red button, i.e.)
– both classes will have the same behavior as on our demo site.

Home Page Event Countdown


For some reason I cannot find out how to edit the text and countdown on the Campaign home page. I have looked on the visual editor where it says Upcoming event and it only lets me edit the buttons. Under the events plugin I can change the title only but not the text and countdown.


“Upcoming Events” visual composer block is using date of the specific event. So, all you need is to change date of your event and countdown will be automatically adjusted.

How to add a counter

campaign-counterPlease follow these steps:

01. go to page editor screen
02. locate “Theme Blossom” group of shortcodes:


03. click on it and a new box will appear on bottomof your page. You can drag’n’drop and relocate the box.
04. click on it and a new pop-up will appear


05. set values to fit your needs.

Number format: you can use any integer number with dots and commas (i.e. 123456, 12345.98, 1,234,567.00, etc)
Text before/after will be added before and after the number (i.e. $1,234,567.00 or 1,234,567,00 USD)

Other values are self-explanatory.

Campaign Options Not Working


The styling options for changing the colors of the theme is not working in the Campaign Options


This is caused by file permissions on the admin folder of your installation. Please change permissions of this folder: inc/admin to at least 755

Fatal error – menu_page_url is fixed

The latest version of Unyson plugin  caused this error to appear:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function menu_page_url() …

Theme update is pushed on 11th of February so please install it if you experience this problem.

Home page sliders

Sliders on the Campaign theme are type of background. When you want to add a new slider, just create a new section and choose “slider” background for it:


I notice most of the content is responsive but the home page sliders are not mobile-friendly – they keep height so photo doesn’t show everything. Is there any CSS code to fix this?

Reason is simple: Campaign sliders are not sliders, but section backgrounds as explained previously, so it is planned to be below other objects – sign up or contact forms, i.e.

If you want to have regular sliders, you can always use a third-party plugin. Master slider has a free version which allows to create responsive slider with images and thumbnails. If you want to have more advanced effects and object animations, you will need to use one of premium plugins.

Can we use Visual Composer with your theme?

Campaign theme comes with its own page builder – part of powerful Unyson framework, so it is not recommended to use other page builders (including Visual Composer) with it.

Theme documentation

Your documentation contains only installation and demo import instructions. Where can I see how to use page builder or to create a slider?

Our political themes are using Unyson page builder and its extensions. You can find these instructions here: (our shortcodes are either intuitive or explained in knowledgebase).

Regarding slider, our themes (except Campaign) are using Slider Revolution. Manual is here:

If you need explanation regarding things not explained in our knowledgebase or above provided manuals, feel free to raise a ticket with your question.