2.2 Changelog


  1. fixed problem with The Events Calendar list widget (removed file tribe-events/widgets/list-widget.php)
  2. the latest version of Slider Revolution included


  1. fixed problem with WP4.0 and Redux Framework’s media field (options.php)
  2. fixed theme related navigation problem for The Events Calendar 3.7 – List View (tribe-events/list/nav.php)


  1. date format for posts now can be set in General Options > Date Format (inc/php/template-tags.php)
  2. added instagram icon in promo line (inc/extras.php and options.php)


  1. changed order of tabs in Candidate Options (options.php)
  2. css/js editors changed from textareas to ace editors (options.php)
  3. featured slider on albums page is optional now (options.php)
  4. load_text_domain is now outside the function tb_theme_setup (functions.php)
  5. changed function tb_social_buttons (inc/extras.php)
  6. added widget spacer in sidebar
  7. added new plugin Theme Blossom Video (inc/plugins)
  8. Metaboxes plugin included (inc/metaboxes)
  9. the latest version of Revolution Slider plugin is added
  10. changed TGM Activation: recommended plugins includes ThemeBlossom Video
  11. added page-video.php
  12. added taxonomy team-member-category.php
  13. fixed author link bug (content-single.php)
  14. fixed problem with input fields on Safari (style.css)
  15. fixed problem with team member layout page (content-team-member.php)
  16. fixed problem with new layout of upcoming events widget (tribe-events/widgets/list-widget.php)


  1. fixed The Events Calendar ajax loader bug
  2. fixed EWDP donations labels bug
  3. changed before icon for WooDojo twitter widget
  4. fixed media-body on smaller screen sizes
  5. fixed features no-url bug
  6. removed recommendation for WooSidebars in TGM Plugin Activation
  7. fixed one day events in campaign trail bug
  8. fixed home page testimonials stretch layout


  1. theme is completely rebuilt
  2. house made options framework is changed with Redux Framework.
  3. 960gs theme framework is changed with Underscores + Bootstrap 3.
  4. custom post types removed from theme
  5. Slider Revolution included
  6. Albums plugin included
  7. WooCommerce 2+ compatibility added
  8. The Events Calendar Plugin compatibility added
  9. Features by WooThmes ready
  10. Our Team by WooThemes ready
  11. Testimonials by WooThemes ready
  12. FAQ by Arconix ready
  13. WooDojo Social Widgets ready
  14. Seamless Donations ready
  15. fixed EWDP bugs


Initial release

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