9.1 Arconix FAQ

At the moment, theme is compatible with Arconix FAQ (as it is described in this article), but if you like to use some other plugin, don’t hesitate to drop us a line via our support site and we will do our best to include it in our theme.

On plugins page listed above, you can find all information for it (instructions, recommendation, etc).

Our theme contains enhanced Arconix script: arconix-faq.js – this script allows different behavior of onclick events.

How to Create FAQ page

You can have as much FAQ pages as you want, because creating of FAQ page just require adding of appropriate shortcode into content of age with default (or full width) template.

If you add


all FAQ entries will be shown, but if you add

[faq group="group-name"]

only FAQ entries from appropriate group will be shown.

Styling of FAQ Page

Go to Candidate Options > Arconix FAQ



As you can see, in this section of theme options you can change styling both for title and content of FAQ entries:



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