8.5 Features

This page template is very useful for page which shows campaign achievements or page which shows election HQ.

At the moment, theme is compatible with Features by WooThemes (as it is described in this article), but if you like to use some other plugin, don’t hesitate to drop us a line via our support site.

On plugins page listed above, you can find all information for it (instructions, recommendation, etc).

How to Create Features Page

  1. create new page (i.e. ‘Our Features’)
  2. Choose ‘Features‘ to be template of this page

Styling of Features/Feature Page

Before anything else, we must make a difference between features page and feature page:

A) Features – all (or specific number) of features shown on one listing page (with template ‘Features‘). Each feature will be presented with its featured image, title and excerpt.

B) Feature – page showing single feature with featured image and full content.

Go to Candidate Options > WooThemes Features


There are only image size settings both for listing and single feature page. Available options are:

  1. Wide (1140 x 400)
  2. Square (540 x 460) – available only for listing page
  3. Full


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