8.2 Albums

Candidate includes our own album plugin (Theme Blossom’s Albums). It is required by theme and after activating Candidate theme, you will be offered to install and activate this plugin. We will later explain how to use it, while in this article we will explain how to create and style albums page.

Before anything else, we must make a difference between albums page and album:

A) Albums – all (or specific number) of albums shown on one listing page. Each album will be presented with its featured image and title. Above albums, slider with featured images will be shown. If you like, you can disable this slider.

B) Album – page showing only one album (how to create it – check in this article). Featured image will be shown above album’s content.

How to Create Albums Page

  1. create new page (i.e. ‘Our Albums’)
  2. Choose ‘Albums‘ to be template of this page

How to Change Layout of Albums Page

If you have at least one album added through our plugin, it will be shown on this page.

We will explain how to change layout of albums page.


Albums will be presented with their featured images ordered in 2, 3 or 4 columns.You can show sidebar on albums page or you can have a wide page without a sidebar.

Please check below images for all examples (page without sidebar and with only two columns isn’t listed):

Thumbnail Size

You can choose between two image sizes:

  1. Squared (540 x 460)
  2. Full Image Size (it will be downsized to fit in columns)

Thumbnail Type

  1. Image with Border
  2. Image without Border
  3. Circle Image

Please note that circle images will be used only if previous choices allow this.

Hover Effect

More details about this can be found in this article. Please note that only transition 1 can be used if you chose circle images.


How to Change Layout of Single Album Page



Settings for image size and type is same as for albums page. Please note that circle images will be used only on inserted galleries.


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