7.1 Post Options

Candidate Options > Post/Page Options

These settings will be applied both on posts and pages (default layout).

To improve SEO of your WordPress site, we strongly recommend to install WordpPress SEO by Yoast as it is recommended in this article. In our humble opinion this is the best SEO plugin for WordPress available for free. That’s why we made our theme compatible with this plugin.

If you want to have breadcrumbs on your site, please install this plugin. You can choose whether to show breadcrumbs above or below featured image or not to show breadcrumbs at all. Inline with breadcrumbs, you can show previous/next post navigation.

Please note that if you decide to show just breadcrumbs, but you don’t have above mentioned plugin installed, theme will skip this.

Styling of info line with breadcrumbs and prev/next post navigation is controlled in Candidate Options > Blog/Archive Options as it is described in this article.

Breadcrumbs and post navigation


Breadcrumbs and Prev/Next Post Link position:

  1. No – if you don’t want this area on your site
  2. Above Featured Image – please check image below
  3. Below Featured Image



If you choose to show this area/info line, you can show:

  1. Both
  2. Just breadcrumbs
  3. Just prev/next post navigation

Please note that breadcrumbs will be shown ONLY if you have WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin installed.

Featured Image

You can choose whether to show featured image or not on article page. If you want to show it, you can choose between two image sizes:

  1. Wide (1140 x 400)
  2. Full

Date and Author

Date can be shown in info line below article or in date box. Please check images below:

Date Box
Date Box
Date – Info Line

Please note, edit will be shown only to administrators or users with permission to edit articles.

Author can be show in stand-out box below article (along with gravatar, description and link to all posts by him/her) or in info line inline with date (if you are showing it in info line), categories tags, etc. Please check images below:

Author - Box
Author – Box
Author - Info Line
Author – Info Line

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