7.0 Blog/Archive Options

Candidate Options > Blog/Archive Options These settings will be applied on all archive pages (except Features and Team pages) and blog pages. blog1

Layout Type

There are 5 possible blog layouts, two of them are pages with sidebar, and three of them are full width pages:

  1. Full Width Page – No Columns
  2. Full Width Page – Two Columns
  3. Full Width Page – Three Columns
  4. Page with Sidebar – No Columns
  5. Page with Sidebar – Two Columns

Click on images to enlarge

Excerpt or Content option controls what to show: full article or just its excerpt (if manually added excerpt is missing, automatic excerpt will be used).

Thumbnail Size

There are 5 possible image sizes which can be used on blog/archive pages.

  1. Thumbnail (150 x 150)
  2. Square (540 x 460)
  3. Medium (300 x 300)
  4. Wide (1140 x 400)
  5. Full (full image size)

NOTE1: thumbnail and medium image size can be changed directly from WordPress admin area: Settings > Media, while square and wide sizes are built-in theme’s functions.php NOTE2: if chosen thumbnail size doesn’t give the best layout (i.e. medium size on wide page with no columns), theme will use the best solution.

Thumbnail Type

  1. Image with Border
  2. Image without Border
  3. Circle Image

Please note that circle image will be used only if thumbnail size is chosen. Click on images to enlarge

Hover Effects

blog-transitionsIn this section of theme options, you will be able to set what effect will be applied on hover. Background color will be used if you choose to use one of offered transition effects. Please check following video to see this in action:



  1. Show page numbers – classic pagination
  2. Show “older/never posts” links – navigation prev/next page with posts

If you decided to have classic pagination, you can choose whether to show prev/next page button or not. Please check images below.

Pagination with prev/next button
Simple pagination
Older/Newer Posts navigation
Older/Newer Posts navigation

You can easily set typography, color, button gradient, border color and border-radius of buttons in pagination. These settings will be applied on all special buttons across site (read more button, i.e.). Settings for info line – shown on image above – is also present in this section.


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