6.0 Sidebar

Candidate Options > Sidebar

Default sidebar alignment is right, but if you prefer, you can move it on the left hand side, just go to sidebar position and check box labeled ‘Left’:


Sidebar Typography and colors

In this section of theme options is possible to choose settings which will overwrite default site typography:

  1. Sidebar Typography
  2. H3 – Sidebar (for sidebar titles)




It is possible to set link colors and color of icon for Twitter widget. At the moment, Twitter icon (check image below) is compatible with WooDojo Tweets Widget which is a part of free WooDojo collection of widgets/plugins. If you prefer to use some other Twitter widget, please let us know and we will include it in one of our next updates.



You can easily set background gradient of widget titles, as well as background image.



You can choose from list of 20 seamless patterns for background image of sidebar title (it will be repeated).

If you want to include your own image in list of predefined patterns, than you should put it in folder images/patterns. There are no requirements regarding image dimensions. Just make sure not to have spaces in the file name (change each space with underscore: i.e. my_custom_pattern.png).


If you want to create and display sidebars according to the content being viewed, we strongly recommend to use Content Aware Sidebars.


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