5.1 Campaign Trail and Countdown

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Go to Candidate Options > Campaign Trail

Section Styling

Except background pattern, all other styling attributes are added automatically:


If you want to include your own image in list of predefined patterns, than you should put it in folder images/patterns. There are no requirements regarding image dimensions. Just make sure not to have spaces in the file name (change each space with underscore: i.e. my_custom_pattern.png)

Campaign Trail

In version 1 of Candidate, you could remove campaign trail, but this would also remove countdown along with campaign trail.

Since version 2, you can remove these areas separately.

That’s why the first setting tells whether you want to show campaign trail on your site or not:




Please note that at least one UPCOMING event is required to have campaign trail shown on your site.

Campaign Trail Styling

– Title –



You can set not just typography of title, but title itself, too.

– Link to Events Page –



You can set not just typography or color options for link to events page (it will be left aligned), but link wording, too.


Again, you must have at least one upcoming event to have campaign trail.

You can change number of events to be shown in this area as well as type of animation. You have three options:

  1. Carousel – default animation
  2. Regular slider
  3. Slider with thumbnail navigation

Please check images below:


Like previously explained, countdown can be removed separately from the campaign trail:



Please note that countdown will be shown only if you set future data:



If you want, you can have appropriate slogan below countdown like it is illustrated on the very first image of this article.

For both countdown and countdown slogan you can set typography.


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