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Candidate Options > Footer Options

In this section of documentation, you can set layout options for footer area. Before anything else, we will list all parts of footer area.

  1. Footer Widgets
  2. Footer Navigation
  3. Disclaimer/Copyright Area

Footer Widgets

Candidate contains 4 footer widget areas:

  1. Footer 1
  2. Footer 2
  3. Footer 3
  4. Footer 4

Number of widget columns shown in footer area depends on number of widget areas populated under Appearance > Widgets.

If you populate just one widget area, only one wide (full width) column will be shown; if you populate two of them, two 50% wide columns will be shown, and so on. You can even decide not to have columns in footer area.

Please note, that if you want to have less than 4 widget columns in footer area, it isn’t important to populate in order. Meaning: if you want to have just 2 columns, you can populate Footer 1 and Footer 4 and leave two other widget areas empty and you will have exactly what you want. This is very helpful if you plan to add one or more columns later.

Layout of this part of footer is controlled by these options:

  1. Footer Typography – set color, font size, line height etc
  2. Footer Title Typography  – set color, font size, line height etc of titles in widget areas
  3. Footer Title Margins – this allows you to overwrite default heading margins in this section of site
  4. Footer Links Color – set regular/hover state of links in widget columns – it will be also applied on titles in this section of site


Footer Navigation

Before anything else, you should set which menu will be located in this area. Go to Appearance > Menus. Let’s presume that you have menu entitled ‘Footer Menu‘ which you want to show in this area.

There are two ways to accomplish this:

A) click on tab entitled ‘Edit Menus‘ and from menus dropdown select your menu (Footer Menu). Below menu items is located section entitled ‘Menu Settings‘. Please check box labeled ‘Footer Navigation‘ and your menu will appear in site’s footer navigation area:


B) Candidate includes two menu locations:

  1. Main Navigation
  2. Footer Navigation

and they are listed under tab entitled ‘Manage Locations‘. Click on this tab and beside each of these two menu areas you will have dropdown with all menus created on your site (very helpful on sites with dozen of menus). Select ‘Footer Menu‘ next to Footer Navigation and hit ‘Save Changes‘.

Disclaimer/Copyright Area

You can set your disclaimer/copyright note in textarea with TinyMCE entitled ‘Footer Text‘. You are able to add links, blockquotes or to format text you enter.



You can set typography and link colors of both footer navigation and disclaimer/copyright if you change settings in options entitled:

  1. Disclaimer Typography
  2. Disclaimer Links Color



Footer Background

You can set footer background gradient and (optionally) background image:


  1. Footer Background Gradient
  2. Footer Pattern

Color defined as ‘To’ (second one) of footer background gradient will also be used to generate background color of line located above footer.

You can choose from list of 20 seamless patterns for background image of footer (it will be repeated).

If you want to include your own image in list of predefined patterns, than you should put it in folder images/patterns. There are no requirements regarding image dimensions. Just make sure not to have spaces in the file name (change each space with underscore: i.e. my_custom_pattern.png)

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