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On above image, you can check all elements which will be explained in this and following articles:

  1. Header Background
  2. Promo Line
  3. Logo Area
  4. Main Navigation

Header Background

This is different from default body background (explained in this article).

Navigate to Candidate Options > Header

In this section you can change background of header (color, image, position, repeat, attachment). As you can see on image below, you can upload your own custom background.



Candidate has 22 predefined backgrounds (you can see them on our demo site). You will need to choose ‘Yes‘ in section with question ‘Do you want to use one of included images‘ – by default it is set to ‘No‘. After you click on ‘Yes’, new dropdown with available images will appear and you will able to choose from list of predefined images:



Please note that you can have both background images set – custom and predefined. In that case predefined image will be shown!

If you want to include your own image in list of predefined images, than you should put it in folder images/bckg. There are no requirements regarding image dimensions. Just make sure not to have spaces in the file name (change each space with underscore: i.e. header_blue_flag.jpg)


Next two settings will allow you to set height of header background as well as drop shadow of this area:

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