3.0 General Settings

In this article, we will explain how to set logo of your site, favicons and custom styles/scripts.

Go to Candidate Options > General Settings


First of all, you will be able to set logo of your site. Please note that in this section of Candidate Options you will be able to set only image file, while all other logo attributes (type, margin, etc) can be set under Logo tab of theme options (more details can be found in section 4.1 of this documentation).


You can put URL of file already uploaded, no need to upload another file.



Please upload files based on instructions given in description of each field:

  1. favicon must be 16×16 ico/png file
  2. apple touch icon must be 57×57 png file

 Custom Code

In this section of theme options you will be able to add your custom CSS or Javascript code.


First field accepts CSS, and second one accepts Javascript code. If you add bad code, you will be alerted beside line with error.

NOTE: don’t add style or script tags in these fields – those tags will be added automatically in theme itself.

NOTE: If you need to add huge amount of lines, then we strongly recommend you to install child theme instead and to put all desirable styles/scripts in it. Candidate comes with child theme included. More details about usage of child themes can be found here: http://codex.wordpress.org/Child_Themes

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